We know that historically Spring and early summer usually show a nice increase in work for the trades that we work with. Customers seem to take advantage of the weather warming up and BBQ entertaining season to improve the look, feel and function of their homes.

Have you considered economising even further and utilising these better times? What if you were able to offer another service when quoting or prior to completing a job?

Some options to consider would be:

  1. Painting a driveway with Concreshield X? Why not also grab some Ultrashield and do the fence too, you are already set up there?
  2. Painting a business’ exterior wall with Ultrashield? Why not tell them about the savings that they could expect by adding Thermobond heat reflective coating on their roof?
  3. Painting a fence? Why not suggest Concreshield or Floorshield for their driveway too?

Shieldcoat has a huge variety if Paint products and coatings so the options for expanding your offerings are endless. Just ask your local Shieldcoat distributor for some colour charts and brochures that you can keep in your van to show your customers.

Keep an eye on the Shieldcoat web site as it continues to be updated with the latest information and products so you are always up to date with the range and the services you can offer your customers. The site gives you a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with our many different products some that you may not have known about like Graffitishield!

Require more technical or standard information about any of our products? You can find Datasheets and MSDS pdf’s on our website, or please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions.