Roof Restoration Gold Coast

Shieldcoat, the industry leading Roof Membrane manufacturer in South East Queensland have been involved in over 25000 roof restorations in the Gold Coast region over a 25 year period. The focus has been on residential projects in the past, however since we partnered with Lyndons Burleigh and Lyndons Nerang we have tendered and won a few commercial projects including Heat Reflective Coating on 2 roofs at Seaworld using Shieldcoat’s Thermobond HRC. Thermobond is a highly effective Heat Reflective Coating that has been tested by Oakland Laboratories in California as well as Independently tested in a joint study by The Queensland University of Technology and Ergon Energy to determine the effectiveness of Thermobond to reduce the use of air-conditioning.

Our Partners

Shieldcoat has partnered with a number of Roofing Contractors, Roof Restorers and Painters to provide the best outcomes based experience for our customers. Our partners have been using the Shieldcoat system for a minimum of 10 years and undergo regular training and audits. The audits include testing for coating thickness, spray technique, OH&S and technical knowledge. Our partnership programme has been developed over nearly 25 years and as such when a quote is done using the Shieldcoat Select programme, Shieldcoat will honour both the manufacturers warranty as well as. the workmanship warranty. This is the most comprehensive warranty by any manufacturer in Australia that has been producing Roof Membranes for at least as long as their warranty.

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Roofbond Roof Membrane

Roofbond has been the industry stalwart for nearly 25 years . Using a proprietary acrylic that is produced in Australia specifically for Shieldcoat, Roofbond is included in the Australian Made programme. Utilising predominantly Australian made raw materials Shieldcoat supports Australian Manufacturers and local employment. By using predominantly Australian Made raw materials we know that the ingredients are designed for Australia’s harsh environment. With over ten years of outdoor weather exposure using Shieldcoats unique colourfast system on every roofing substrate we are confident you won’t find a better system.

Stencilshield is a flexible texture coating that is a brilliant alternative for Covercrete, On-Crete and similar cementitious coatings. We have marketed Stencilshield in Australia, Malaysia and New Caledonia for over 15 years and it currently adorns government facilities, airports, shopping centres, childcare facilities, theme parks , median strips ,as well as driveways, pathways and patios. Over the last 15 years there have been over 500,000 householders in Australia alone that have had Stencilshield applied on concrete surfaces around their homes.

Cementitious vs Stencilshield

Mix for up to 5 minutes per bag / Stencilshield comes in ready to use 10lt pails

Not Flexible and cracks easily / Extremely flexible and resists cracks more easily

Goes off within 5-10 minutes in the bucket / Has a much greater open life

Inhaling dust when mixing / No dust, no mixing, safer for applicator

Limited Colour Range / Can be tinted to over 1000 colours

Fades unless sealed / Uses colourfast technology and doesn’t need to be sealed to lock in colour

Subject to efflorescence / Not affected by efflorescence

Not ready to use / comes pre-tinted, pre-mixed and ready to use

limited shelf life once mixed / can be kept for months and sometimes years if stored correctly

Application is very similar to cementitious coatings and requires adequate preparation of the surface, a primer and 2 coats of the stencilshield. A coloured fleck finishes it off nicely. The clear sealer is optional, but it does help with the cleaning.

Stencilshield is available at all the Lyndons stores in Queensland. Call us now on 07 3274 6911 to try the product out yourself. Pricing is very competitive with the cementitious products.

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Firstly are you required to be licenced in (QLD)?

Unless an exemption applies, a QBCC contractors licenced is required to carry out or undertake to carry out the repair of the roof if the value of the work exceeds $3300 including the cost of the materials. For work over $3300, a contractor will need to pay the QBCC for home warranty Insurance.

About home warranty insurance

Home warranty insurance is a protection for homeowners. It provides cover in situations where the contractor fails to complete the work, the work is defective or subsidence occurs. If the contractor can’t finish the work under a contract or fails to fix defects, an owner can make claim. Once the QBCC pays a claim they will recover the money from the contractor.

The work is covered for a period of 6 years and 6 months from the date (whichever is earlier)

  • The premium is paid
  • a contract is entered, or
  • work is commenced

The contractor must pay a premium for all insurable residential work with a value over $3300.

The contractor working directly for the homeowner is required to collect the premium from the owner and ay it to the QBCC on behalf of the owner. As a guide the Premium for work from $3300 to $200000 is $235.15.

Once the premium is paid, the homeowner is sent a notice of cover .

An unlicensed trade cannot quoter enter into contracts to carry out building work in Queensland valued over $3300.

Does this mean that Licensed Trades will do a better job than an Unlicensed Tradie?

No not necessarily, however at least you do have re-course if there is an issue and the work is insured. Over the nearly 30 years the Shieldcoat has been producing Roof Restoration Products, we have dealt with both licensed and unlicensed and have seen some pretty ordinary work with both and have also seen some excellent work with both. For nearly 3 years a fairly large Roof Restoration company and now a Coatings manufacturer used a very cheap render primer as a roof tile primer to save money. Sadly when Companies don’t follow a manufacturers recommended system, the product warranty doesn’t apply.

A licence search can be performed at

Shieldcoat offer a service called Shieldcoat Select, where we act as a conduit between the homeowner and the Trade. We will ensure the contractor is able to perform the work to a high standard, we ensure the correct products and amounts are used to give the consumer the best outcome, we ensure that the consumer is covered for both the Product and Workmanship Warranty and Shieldcoat will remedy any failures.


Contact our friendly Sales staff on 0732746911 to enquire about this service, or if you would like a recommended licenced applicator in your area.

It’s rare to find products that you can use for many DIY projects and be assured of it’s quality. There is nothing worse than buying a whole tin of a product that you can only use for one thing and then have to throw the rest out when the jobs done because it can’t be used for anything else. That’s where Floorshield floor coating by Shieldcoat stands apart from the crowd.

We are always testing our products and coming up with new and innovative ways for our customers to use them and Floorshield floor coating is one of those products that constantly produces outstanding results.

What kinds of projects can you use Floorshield for?

  1. Sealing driveways, footpaths and garages
  2. Sealing interior concrete surfaces and concrete floors
  3. Great for sealing timber furniture – get in on this seasons HOT blonde wood furniture trend!

Why should you choose Floorshield?

  1. Low odour – don’t have to worry about the smell overwhelming your garage or work area
  2. Excellent durability
  3. Fade and scratch resistant
  4. UV resistant
  5. Capable of withstanding car, forklift, and foot traffic in industrial settings
  6. Environmentally friendly – no solvents to worry about
  7. Quick drying time – enjoy your furniture sooner
  8. Easy to apply
  9. Washes up in water

Have questions?
Contact Shieldcoat today, we’re more than happy to help. You can also download the Floorshield brochure HERE

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A garage floor can take quite the beating with car, tools, bike and human traffic so why not think about protecting the surface and improving the look and feel with Floorshield by Shieldcoat.