It’s rare to find products that you can use for many DIY projects and be assured of it’s quality. There is nothing worse than buying a whole tin of a product that you can only use for one thing and then have to throw the rest out when the jobs done because it can’t be used for anything else. That’s where Floorshield floor coating by Shieldcoat stands apart from the crowd.

We are always testing our products and coming up with new and innovative ways for our customers to use them and Floorshield floor coating is one of those products that constantly produces outstanding results.

What kinds of projects can you use Floorshield for?

  1. Sealing driveways, footpaths and garages
  2. Sealing interior concrete surfaces and concrete floors
  3. Great for sealing timber furniture – get in on this seasons HOT blonde wood furniture trend!

Why should you choose Floorshield?

  1. Low odour – don’t have to worry about the smell overwhelming your garage or work area
  2. Excellent durability
  3. Fade and scratch resistant
  4. UV resistant
  5. Capable of withstanding car, forklift, and foot traffic in industrial settings
  6. Environmentally friendly – no solvents to worry about
  7. Quick drying time – enjoy your furniture sooner
  8. Easy to apply
  9. Washes up in water

Have questions?
Contact Shieldcoat today, we’re more than happy to help. You can also download the Floorshield brochure HERE