You’ve probably heard of the good old Trade Breakfast, but have you thought of inviting along not just the usual suspects, but branching out to include trades you may not have contacted before?

We know you’ll invite the painters but what about landscapers? Roof restorers? Are there any other trades that would purchase the products you have? Be sure to include them as well, they may not even know that you could be helping their business.

The advantages of a trade breakfast is that you get to meet potential trade customers in a much more relaxed atmosphere. You can build relationships with them by sharing knowledge and experience without it being sales focused. This way when the time comes for them to purchase they are far more likely to remember the information you shared with them and choose you as their supplier.

The brekkie doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, just tea, coffee and some simple breakfast items such as pastries or even a catered breakfast plate is all you need to put together. Most tradies don’t expect or have time for a massive event.

An informal get together can be the perfect way to provide networking opportunities for yourself and between trades, listen to the feedback and concerns your trade customers, as well as branching out to other trades you may not deal with regularly.

By inviting Landscapers you could promote products such as Shieldcoat’s Concreshield X and Floorshield. Concreshield X is perfect for concrete paths and you could highlight the benefit of Concreshield’s hard waring finish and easy application process. Or what about Shieldcoat’s Floorshield. FLOORSHIELD is a water based hybrid polyurethane resin floor coating specifically designed for concrete, timber floors, stamped or stencilled concrete and ceramic tiles. FLOORSHIELD comes in colours or clear to suit a variety of outdoor uses. FLOORSHIELD can be used as a sealer or more for aesthetics either way it is just as suitable and provides excellent protection to the surface that you are coating – perfect for landscapers!

A trade breakfast is also a perfect time to have a few demonstrations or short education sessions of products that you can up sell. Like Concreshield anti slip beads. Or what are some important things to remember when painting a roof? By providing information that your trade customers can use in their business you make yourself a valuable ally for them.

We suggest having a small variety of “breakfast specials” available to provide the opportunity to increase your takings and people are more inclined to buy if they are already there and have seen the product in action or have learned all about it.

Don’t be afraid to ask your local reps what they can do for you. Can they provide samples, information folders or a guest speaker? Invites are simple. A mobile SMS or MMS is a great way to get the word out and often the most effective for getting responses.

If you need some help with what to include we’re happy to help, just Get In Touch